Monday, August 12, 2002

Who you callin' a racist?

For most of us, crawling back to work on a Monday morning is a tiresome, unpleasant task. But not Dave! He's got some libelin' to do! Today's target is the man who makes Bull Connor and George Wallace look like rank amateurs by comparison...Phil Donahue! Y'see, Phil had the gall to suggest that the media is more interested in covering white children who are abducted, while ignoring similar cases involving non-white kids. But don't worry- Comrade Dave is here to call out Phil "White Sheets" Donahue for his egregious racism:

    This presumption that America is racist, that whites are bigots and that white America controls the media and uses that control to diminish and oppress minorities in general and black people in particular is a monstrous lie (and anyone who has thought about it for two seconds, knows it). Yet black racists like Mr. Washington and liberal racists like Mr. Donahue are somehow part of the mainstream conversation about race in America today.

Slandering Phil Donahue, who is one of the most progressive voices on national TV, as a racist is something that could only originate in the mind of someone as vindictive and delusional as Comrade Dave. However, while David the ex-Red tirelessly searches for phantom "liberal" racists, he is curiously oblivious to the real racists in his midst.

First, Dave has no qualms about providing a forum for unsavory (to put it mildly) characters like Stephen Webster and Jared Taylor in the hallowed HTML of FrontPage. Even more ridiculously, for someone who constantly harps on anti-Semitism in the Muslim world, Dave has proven what a loyal apparatchik he is by defending none other than Paul Weyrich, of the Free Congress Foundation. Here's an excerpt from Joe Conason's damning expose, which was published last year in Salon:

    Veteran conservatives know that Weyrich is a fairly unsavory character. His habit of flirting with racists and anti-Semites dates back to his early involvement with George Wallace's American Independent Party. Among the many odious characters affiliated over the years with Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation is Laszlo Pastor, convicted of Nazi collaboration for his World War II role in the violently anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler Hungarian Arrow Cross party. Pastor was thrown out of the Bush-Quayle campaign in 1988, along with several other √©migr√© fascists, when their exposure humiliated the GOP.

There's something incongruous about David Horowitz, the tireless crusader for racial harmony, defending a man who, in addition to having these suspect ties, wrote that Jesus was "crucified by the Jews who had wanted a temporal ruler to rescue them from the oppressive Roman authorities ... He was not what the Jews expected so they considered Him a threat. Thus He was put to death." In fact, Horowitz even admitted that "Weyrich unquestionably knew what he was doing and probably inserted the phrase as an in-your-face to the [politically correct] Church, regardless of consequences." Isn't this a little, um, hypocritical, Dave? Whatever it is, I'll leave the last word to Joe Conason:

    Had anyone on the left said something so reckless and ugly about the Jews, conservatives like Horowitz would have reacted quickly, loudly and harshly. They would have demanded a retraction and an apology from the offending liberal. But by now, we should all know that being conservative means never having to say you're sorry.

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