Wednesday, August 28, 2002

The Dishonest and Dissembling David Horowitz

David Horowitz and his minions are foaming at the mouth about the alleged anonymity of the contributors to this site.

This is sheer dishonesty on his part.

For the record, the contributors to this site -- in Horowitz's words, the ‘post-modern commies,’ the ‘brain[-]dead leftists,’ and the ‘post-modern nitwits of the extreme leftist persuasion’ -- include:

James M. Capozzola from The Rittenhouse Review started this site (as Horowitz has known from the very beginning) and posts here as “Horowitz Watch.” A quick trip over to his site would make that abundantly clear.

Scoobie Davis, who publishes here and at his own site under his own name. Surely Horowitz is familiar with this name.

Yuval Rubinstein, who publishes here and at Groupthink Central under his own name.

Adam Magazine, who publishes here and at his own web site using his own name.

Micah Holmquist, who publishes here and at his own web site using his own name.

That leaves the Watchful Babbler who, for reasons known only to him, has chosen to publish anonymously here and at his site, Doxagora. We respect his decision.

Links to all of the contributors’ web sites are provided on the home page here.

So what’s Horowitz so rabid about?

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