Monday, August 5, 2002

Horowitz’s Latest Rant

In Horowitz’s latest blog-rant, he writes:

Having lost the election of 1972, liberals and leftists combined forces to destroy the presidency of Richard Nixon. Watergate was a legislative coup d'etat designed to cripple [sic] lthe war effort in Cambodia and South Vietnam. Nothing Nixon had done rose to the level of malfeasance of the administrations of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson before him or Bill Clinton afterwards. (Talk about reversing elections results -- Clinton did not even get a majority of the vote. Nixon won by the greatest landslide in American history. But in the last analysis Clinton had the liberal press behind him and was able to ride the crisis out.)

Reality: The Watergate Scandal was an abominable act against American democracy by the Nixon administration. In fact, the Committee to Re-elect The President engaged in an unprecedented dirty tricks operation against the Democrats in the 1972 election campaign. It was vicious beyond description. It was also hypocritical because it involved top officials, including the Attorney General, of a supposed law-and-order administration. To refer to it as a "coup d'etat" is outrageous. By the time Congress held hearings on Watergate, Nixon had already withdrawn troops from Vietnam. Also, Horowitz’s contention that “ Clinton had the liberal press behind him” during the impeachment crisis is a joke.

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