Thursday, August 22, 2002

Cleaning Up After Coulter . . . A Dirty Job, But Someone Has to Do It

Just a quick observation today.

One of David Horowitz’s most beloved commentators, Ann Coulter, who was asked to join FrontPage Magazine after she was fired from National Review Online, is out with a new column today.

At FrontPage Magazine, the column is awkwardly entitled, “Deploying the Marines for Social Uplift.”

There’s nothing particularly interesting about the article itself. It’s just the usual fare from Coulter, who seems to be engaged in a contest with fellow FrontPage Magazine contributor Camille Paglia that will determine who can write the most incoherent essays for fringe publications.

What’s interesting is that closer to home, at, the very same article carries the even stranger headline, “Deploying [t]he Marines [f]or Gay Rights, Feminism [a]nd Peacekeeping.”

This title was chosen for reasons that are completely unclear, since nowhere in the article does Coulter refer to gays or feminism, or to using the military to advance the interests of gays or feminists of any stripe.

So did Coulter lose her train of thought? Perhaps one too many glasses of the white wine David Brock has informed us at times constitutes the entirety of her diet?

Did Horowitz, or whoever actually edits FrontPage Magazine notice this lapse and recast the headline so that it made just slightly more sense?

Or was Horowitz, who has emphasized in the past how “comfortable” he is with gays, embarrassed by Coulter’s brazen attempt to draw in readers with a swipe at two of the far right’s favorite targets?

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