Monday, August 19, 2002

Dave's Deafening Silence...

    Throughout the past few weeks, a number of prominent conservatives have publicly voiced their opposition to an invasion of Iraq. Given Comrade Dave's predictable loathing for those on the left who oppose such an operation ("Hussein apologists" in Horowitz parlance), you would think that everyone's favorite unindicted traitor would express the same indignation against Richard Armitage, Brent Scowcroft, and Jack Kemp for holding the same position. That's exactly what one of Dave's ideological comrades, Bill Kristol, did in a recent editorial. Alas, Dave has been entirely silent on the issue. Perhaps Comrade Horowitz is trying to prove to his fellow Scaife-bankrolled fellow-travellers what a "team player" he is. On the other hand, maybe Dave simply hasn't been able to pay attention to the news, what with his hobnobbing with 43 and all. Whatever the case may be, Dave's steadfast devotion to the party line (trash liberals at every opportunity, speak no evil of fellow right-wingers) would make "Uncle Joe" Stalin himself proud. Right, Comrade?
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    In Bush Country, Nothing but a Potemkin Village

    David Horowitz was summoned to George W. Bush’s presence—and those of us who love to mock Horowitz were not disappointed. Horowitz’s tribute to Bush and his personal Potemkin village--Crawford, Texas—should be a gas not only to Horowitz-mockers like me but also to anyone who knows the straight dope on Bush. DH’s cloying praise is not as unintentionally funny as Peggy Noonan’s hagiographies, but his syrupy post reminds me of the western intellectuals who visited the early Soviet Union (and later Cuba and Nicaragua) and announced that they found Utopia (author Paul Hollander calls such people “political pilgrims”). In Crawford (Bush's elaborate prop), DH finds the common people, the volk, and their supposed representative, George W. Bush. Excuse me while I laugh.

    Here is what DH said about Crawford: “It's a fitting home for a President who likes to return, as he puts it, ‘to remind myself what the real world is like outside of Washington.’”

    Reality: Bush wouldn’t understand the real world if his life depended on it. The man’s entire biography consists of getting ahead through Daddykins’ connections. (Why isn’t the press asking about a possible quid pro quo?)

    Other howlers:

    DH speaks of Bush's “common touch and compassionate outreach”

    Give me a friggin’ break. It is true that Bush does a good cracker-barrel routine. This is probably due to his being able to practice it because of his not having to work in college (let’s just say that if Bush’s college career were a song, it would be “With a little help from my friends”).

    The following is a spectacular example of asskissing by Horowitz:

    It was a short down home speech and he broke its flow frequently for off-the-cuff jokes, which the crowd roundly enjoyed. But its combination of levity, warmth and moral seriousness showed why his popularity has stayed so high so many months after 9/11 -- higher than any president's in history including Roosevelt's after Pearl Harbor. The more Americans get to know this man, the deeper and broader his support will become.

    And what I thought was particularly funny was when the admitted traitor who is still subject to criminal prosecution got his chance to speak with the Usurper In Chief: “So what I said to him was this: ‘Your heart is where America is. Trust it and you'll be right.’ Which he knows anyway, and which is why we have trusted him with our fates.”

    Get real, David. The American people didn’t trust Bush. Not only did the other guy receive more votes but also the evidence shows that if the votes were properly counted—something that Bush used force to prevent--Bush would not be in the White House. This is the opposite of “where America is.” Because of this, I especially don’t trust Bush. He is not my President.

    Update on Friday’s post: Some people were amazed that Horowitz would be allowed to meet with Bush even though he is still subject to prosecution for crimes that he confessed he committed—in addition to Horowitz’s recent sucking up to a revolting white supremacist. People are wondering why the media hasn’t reported this. Your guess is as good as mine. I e-mailed several media outlets and received no responses. It’s up to someone else to step up and alert the mainstream media to this. Also, the Secret Service might want this information.

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