Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Horowitz’s Disastrous First Week As Blogger

Last week, David Horowitz began a blog on his web site Front Page Magazine. One of the first things that blogger Horowitz did was to act as an apologist for white supremacist Jared Taylor of American Renaissance magazine (check the Watchful Babbler’s Posts as well as my 7/16 post on my site for more details). Then Horowitz wrote that he wished that John Walker Lindh had been shot for his treason—this despite the fact that Horowitz’s own admitted treasonous acts were far more serious than Lindh’s (more on this soon). In Horowitz's soon-to-be-released, barely-coherent diatribe How to Beat The Democrats And Other Subversive Ideas, the acknowledgements section thanks Republican Majority Whip Tom DeLay (whom Horowitz incorrectly calls Majority Leader) and GOP Congressmen David Dreier, J.C. Watts, Jack Kingston, Ed Royce, and J.D. Hayworth. Republican strategists want to enlist the aid of a white supremacist apologist and self-admitted traitor? Is this part of the GOP’s big tent strategy?

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